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Cyber Security Policy

I.Network Security

In Office Premises Premium Technologies uses Sophos firewall to access the internet on the office premises. We offer Sophos access credentials or Local area network access to the employees of Premium Technologies only. The Sophos firewall keeps a log of each and every activity of authorized users. We follow pre-defined rules to offer internet access to authorized users. No one other than the employees of Premium Technologies with internet access credentials can access the Sophos authorized internet in the office. We offer Sophos internet access to employees based on their specific roles and seniority level.

II.Cloud Network

We access cloud networks for our development projects. We create and use only SSL-secured APIs and other third-party integrations. If needed advanced security our team uses the WAF firewall. Our team of developers offers enhanced domain security following all the security protocols. The selection criteria for our cloud security depends on client requirements.

III.Mobile Device Security

The employees cannot use company-provided mobile devices for personal use. The company offers mobile devices to authorized employees only. The company employees must submit their company-provided devices to the authorized person at the end of the day. We use password-protected mobile devices for company usage. No one without accurate password credentials can access company-provided mobile devices. To keep the mobile device data secure and easily accessible, we manage the device data with central accessibility.

IV.Use and Storage of Personally Identifiable Information & Notification

Premium Technologies. stores personally identifiable information & notifications using cloud networks. Only an authorized person with the accurate access secret key and credentials can access the information available on the cloud. Our security officers hold the records of the secret key and access credentials to keep it secure and non-shareable manner. The system will receive a notification in a manner of a text message or e-mail for multiple login attempts.

V.Employee Use of Social Networking Websites

After getting a social networking access request the company allows social networking websites for particular users through the firewall. We only allow social networking access requests for certain reasons. (Ex. Third-party social networking platform integration). Our firewall keeps a log of every internetbased activity.

Vi.Use of Unsecured Wi-Fi networks

Every Wi-Fi network of Premium Technologies. is password protected and it follows WPA2 security standard access protocols. Our Wi-Fi access is limited to the higher authorities only. All other employees of Premium Technologies use the local network.

Vii.Data Back-up Procedure

Our cloud servers take the auto backup from our internal system at an interval of a month. We never keep any system backup on our local system. Cloud keeps our system data safe and secure.