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Bank Transfer (Local Only)

We accept bank transfer from GB and European Countries Only.
For International Transfer you may send us payments through wise in GBP/USA/EUR/RO/AUD Currencies Only.
Bank Transfer is manual Process and can take 24-Hours to credit to your account.

  • Please Send us including VAT for services.
  • Please review your details before sending amount.
  • Please use correct Reference Number for credit to your account.
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Credit/Debit Cards

we accept all physical credit, debit cards please use credit card and debit card for instant service/product.

  • Please use your own card.
  • Please make sure Credit/Debit Card billing country should match with your profile with us.
  • Please note we will verify as per our terms.
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we accept paypal including paypal debit/credit card for all services/products.

  • Make Sure Paypal Should be on your own name
  • Make Sure billing country should match with paypal profile
  • Make sure your mention correct reference number.
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