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Our Mission


The Premium Technologies promotes proactive customer service and provides the community with secure, reliable, high-quality information technology resources to meet the diverse needs of the community.

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Our Vision


The land of the future, where the greatest minds and best talents are empowered to embody pioneering ideas and exceed boundaries in a world inspired by imagination.

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Managed solutions for growing businesses

People-focused solutions that support your business

Founded in 2018, we have gained a reputation for delivering a high level of service – responsive, efficient, proactive and aligned.

How can you hep me ??

We help your business to modernize and innovate by tackling complex technological challenges. Instinctools experts provide the full spectrum of IT services:

How do you work with clients??

We offer our customers several engagement models according to their business needs and capabilities. Dedicated team. As a default cooperation model, we provide all our clients with a self-managed software development team of qualified experts adding value to your project.

Where are you located, and how do you handle a time zone difference??

Premium Technologies team works from United Kingdom.

What technologies and methodologies are you good at??

Premium Technologies is a technology agnostic company. We treat platforms, programming languages, and frameworks as tools to achieve our customers' business goals. Our engineers possess deep knowledge of a broad technology stack, including enterprise, web, mobile app development, cloud solutions, business intelligence, and big data. We prefer to implement projects on Agile methodologies, but if requested, we have nothing against Waterfall projects as well. We are ready to provide you with engineers having broad technology stack knowledge and vast expertise, including Java, Python, Go, Javascript, React, Scala, Swift, .NET, Blockchain, and more. We a good at understanding which tech stack is the best for implementing software solutions for a particular industry.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of the project??

Each project comes with Non-disclosure and Non-compete agreements which we carefully respect and have never violated for the whole company history. Premium Technologies entities in UK work under EU jurisdiction as 90% of our customers do. For customers with exceptional security and confidentiality requirements, working with sensitive data, or based on any other reason, *Premium Technologies can provide a 100% personalized solution. Starting from the facilities with a secure physical perimeter and highly secure IT infrastructure to dedicated Info-sec engineers ensuring project safety daily.

How fast can you kick off the project??

We can start tomorrow usually. If our customer has clear requirements, accepts the price, and is ready to sign the Agreement today. Most projects need clarification and discovery, which can look like wasting time but save your money at the end of the day. If you want to scale your development capacity or create an MVP to the strict deadline, we can always help you as we keep 8% of our engineering team on the bench to start new projects smoothly.

Can you provide maintenance and support to the project after it’s over??

Yes, we provide our clients with post-implementation support and maintenance. It enables continuous improvements, deployment of new features, timely software updates, pop-up issues recovery, bug fixing, and other activities aiming to help our clients prevent and avoid unexpected issues that may disserve their business.

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